Wednesday, March 23, 2016

.: Masjid Putra :.

Seeking jannah.

Noticed that it has been a long time since I posted any entries on mosques. Not that I haven't been to one in so many years, just that I chose to take pleasure in the solitary state, being alone and lost in my thoughts, than to go around snapping intricate details of the mosque.

So I dug through my image files and stumbled upon this photo of Masjid Putra. The masjid was one of the mosques that I first went to when I came to Kuala Lumpur. At that time it was newly built and Putrajaya wasn't fully developed yet. I can't remember much about the mosque other than I was in awe of the reddish hue and the spacious courtyard.

Years later, I came to the mosque again because I had some work in Putrajaya. Despite haven't been there in such a long time, the mosque still had that awe-effect on me. There was just something about its' reddish hue.  

For those who would like to know more about the mosque, you may visit: Portal Masjid Putra.

The mosque is open to the general public though there may be certain restrictions in terms of the visiting hours and dress code.

Holiday in JB!
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