Saturday, March 19, 2016

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Southern home.

For someone who regularly uses the public transport to get around places, it was quite vexing to do so in Johor Bahru. I suppose I was too comfortable with the LRTs in KL as well as the transportation system in Singapore.

Less of a rant, more of a heartfelt confession, it would be nice if the local authorities can come up with some sort of system whereby we can check the estimated time of arrival for each bus - either online or get it posted at the bus stops. Honestly, I pity the children, the elderly and those carrying heavy items for having to wait so long, especially when we are experiencing terrible heat right now. Knowing the time could help them plan more efficiently.

Sure, one can argue if you want comfort use your car or take the taxi. To the naysayers, the bus is not meant for comfort. The bus serves as a basic necessity. Sometimes, when you are too used to driving or sitting comfortably in the taxi, you tend to lose touch with the average citizen. Try to get out of your comfort zone every now and then and experience how it is like to be them.

As viceroys on earth, particularly those who are in power, we are to safeguard and take care of every single living being. With great power comes great responsibility, it is an amanah, and it is our obligation. Ask ourselves, are we really ready to be made accountable in the hereafter, in front of the One who created us? 

Think about it.

Do something about it.
9.44am, Malaysian Time

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