Saturday, March 26, 2016

.: Little droplets :.

Streaming down.

Each of us have some kind of difficulty, that we are made to carry on our own. More often that not, it is not something that can be shared with others. It is meant to be kept hidden away, to be made unknown, for what seem like all eternity. 

Until it slips out, without us realising it. 

By something that is beyond our control. 


Neither a sign of weakness, defeat nor surrender, tears give the outside world a glimpse of the bearer's vulnerable self, of having to endure so much, for ever so long. 

An innate strength. 

Only the bearer would know the significance of a single teardrop as well as the array of emotions that a single stream of teardrops hold.

For just this once, let it all out.
8.27pm, Malaysian Time

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