Thursday, March 10, 2016

.: Down the aisle :.

Minus the church bells.

The moment finally came whereby my knight in shining armour hailing all the way from the Middle Kingdom came over to formally claim me, his damsel in distress, as his lifelong partner - in this dunya and insha'Allah in jannahtul firdaus as well, ameen. 

On that very day, Alhamdulillah, we became husband and wife.

Like any other blushing new bride, I have that nagging feeling of wanting to write more about the wedding, the marriage and loads of other stuff. Even so, I am still very much overwhelmed with all of it. All I know is that with each passing day, I can only speak of gratefulness to this very blessing that the AlMighty has graciously bestowed upon us. 

On this very day, I ask:

May Allah SWT bless my husband, I and our loved ones with everlasting mawaddah, wa rahmah, wa sakinah,

May Allah SWT bless those who are still waiting for their eternal companion with beautiful patience,

May Allah accept all the good that we do and guide us to remain steadfast on His path,

Allahumma ameen thumma ameen.

The journey, has only just begun. 
9.21am, Malaysian Time

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