Tuesday, December 16, 2008

.: Kitchen nightmares :.

It has finally begun.

Kleeja | Pengat Keledek *sweet potato cooked in coconut milk* | Ketupat *rice in woven palm leaves* | Dishware | Pineapple Lemon Cheesecake | Daging Briyani *briyani meat, in this case lamb was used* | Nasi Briyani |

Eid Spread *ketupat - kuah kacang *peanut sauce* - serunding *shredded meat* - kuah lodeh *vegetables cooked in coconut milk* - varieties of rendang *dry curry* - sambal tumis *fried chilli paste*

  • || kuah kacang - also known as sambal kacang, kuah satay or sambal satay. [sambal is normally referred to a dish that is spicy, has chilli ... kuah means gravy]. satay @ sate is spicy grilled meat on skewers.
  • || kuah lodeh - also known as kuah lontong. [lontong is rice cooked in banana leaves]
  • || pengat - refers to savory dishes, has a relatively thicker consistency as compared to savory bubur *porridge* because of the coconut milk used.
  • || ketupat - tastes similar to nasi himpit or nasi kapit *compressed rice*. difference is that ketupat is wrapped in palm leaves.

Aunt :: When your uncle comes over this Christmas, do some baking so that I can talk him into buying a new oven.
Me :: Why? *I'm pretty much contented with the little oven used since my grandma's days*
Aunt :: With a bigger oven, you're able to bake lots of cookies at one go. Also, we've decided that you will bake cookies next Eid. And I've already bought you the baking utensils and ingredients.

My sister said that I should resign to my fate. Her exact words were :: "That's what you get for showing your skill."


Addendum [Dec. 17, 3.31pm] :: Mumsy and aunts are deep in thought of getting me to dabble further into the cooking stuff. If it weren't for the love for food, and the scary thought of not being able to eat decent mom's cooking ... I wouldn't give a hoot at it. For the record, I'd like to come clean by saying I only made the simple stuff in the mosaic. The heavy ones were by mum, with me as the kitchen helper @ compelled bystander. When it comes to making food to be eaten by the whole big family or outsiders, I evade from taking the lead. Believe me, I can get you poisoned. *unintentionally*
8.58am Malaysian Time


Ms.Unique said...

Haha .... probably she meant cooking skill .... :)

Hajar Alwi said...

Ms. Unique :: With all due respect, I think I'm better off with my eating skills. Haha~


Anonymous said...

Your cooking skills are so good..if your eating skills really are better than them, I shudder to think of it, LOL.

The dishes look oh-so-yummy!

Anonymous said...

Haha..probably she means cooking and managing skills.

Solace In Islam said...

See this as an opportunity - do the best you can! No one can expect more than that from you!

EF Hariman said...

Hajar, thanks for visiting our blog. Nay, you have excellent skill of cooking, sure you will instantly remember how to stitch any cross stitch design when you hold the fabric, pattern, and threads, and so on.

keep going, keep your best. (yep, i'm honored to know you, alhamdulillah)

Aisyah Mazelan said...


Haha. Okay, maybe I'm young but i still remember my cooking class at school a few months ago. I had to cook 'sambal bilis'. When it was still hot and in the pot, it tasted quite good. But when it was cooled, it tasted salty. All my friends were like, "If we all live with Ash for one week, we're gonna get high blood pressure." Hehe...

Hajar Alwi said...

Miss Specs :: Comparatively, I am the worst of the lot. I fall way way back in the line of good cooks.

Masood :: I reckon it's the managing skills, sis can be so cynical at times. :)

Solace :: Insya'Allah. ^

Ren :: W'salam. I sincerely hope so. Else, I can always get my brother for remedial lessons.

A pleasure to meet your acquaintance too.

Miss Ash :: W'salam. I'm old. *haha!* Home economics eh? Lemme recall ... during my time it was called 'Kemahiran Hidup Bersepadu Ekonomi Rumah Tangga.' I presume there hasn't been much change. So, any idea what went wrong?

'Sambal bilis' - bilis @ ikan bilis is a type of anchovy.


Ms.Unique said...

Hajar u've been tagged again pls visit Ms.Unique's Journal .... :)

Hijabee said...

Lol, Im sure you've got great skills lol. But hey you've been tagged :)

Ms.Unique said...

Ok probably I'm bugging u .... but u've been tagged again at Ms.Uniqe's Corner .... :)

Hajar Alwi said...

Ms. Unique :: I adore bugs, so by all means. Bug me all you want. :) Owh, and thanks for the tags. ^

Hijabee :: LoL. Tagged twice in a row! I just got done with it. Thanks for tagging. :)