Wednesday, December 10, 2008

.: Elusive gap :.

Here's a continuation of Days of Our Lives.

Sis :: Have you wished my little brother?
Me :: Kind' a. I text him.
Sis :: Did he reply?
Me :: Nope.
Sis :: Call him.
Me :: I already text him.
Sis :: What do you have against him? So he's a Paki, so? *works every time*
Me :: It has nothing to do with that! Darn it! *me, all crumbled ... aih~, I'm pathetic.*

So I relented and called ::

1st call.
- some guy spoke in Arabic. | 2nd call. - no one picked up. | 3rd call. - switched to speaker phone. someone spoke in Urdu. we hung up.

Sis :: Make sure you call him again later.

Me ranting away :: "Wah lau wei! Dude, you faster faster get married lah! Cannot tahan liao. Wat lah. Oredi sien ley." This is Manglish, roughly translated as, "Dude, get married fast. Can't stand it no more. Bored of it." What I'm trying to say is, "Get married fast so my sister will finally end this sick fetish of hers."

Friends told me to ignore my sis. She thinks I'm too weak to do that. In truth, she's right. ~sigh. Remember the wedding present? She wants to give a holiday package to one of the islands in Malaysia. Honestly, I don't mind. I sort of know the bride, along with the groom's family. Plus we did say that we'll take care of them should they ever come here so I guess it'd be fun. *not kidding*

The only thing hindering me is when I found out that his mum wishes to know more about me. *why not my sister?* Sis said that's a good thing. It's good alright, getting to know people and stuff. Only thing is, I don't speak Urdu thus I can never strike any conversation with his mum on the cell.
*voice coming from the back of my head ... 'You can speak Hindi!' ... knocks self* Sure, we can survive on sign-language via video-conferencing. Too bad I don't have a webcam. *i refuse to use it.* Eventually, I managed to talk my sis out of the holiday package and settling with some other wedding gifts. *Pheeww~*

Anyway, the idea of me getting hitched and settling in Saudi appeals to her and mum as much as chocolate is to me. I am just rendered speechless.

Adding in, ever since Hajj, my sis has developed this fetish in matchmaking me with guys she thinks has the 'little brother-in-law material'. To date, I can roughly recall about 3 guys. *she scrutinizes each 'candidate'* Somehow my life has become a form of entertainment for her. Really not that bad. The only thing that drives me up the wall is when she does these kind of things.

Thankfully, it is a once in a blue moon occurrence. When it does happen, instead of being bitter about it, I'll turn a deaf ear and sleep on it.

Sleeping is good. :)
12.04am Malaysian Time


RedAnna said...

now u suprise me...!!!

masya allah! was the adoption was a match making for you??

if he's a good guy, you should consider.. the best advise is for you to pray istiqarah

but, most importantly, you must understand their behaviour. if you can adopt their lifestyle, if you think he's the right guy for you, then nothing can behold...

when did you perform you haj??

Hajar Alwi said...

Linda :: Initially, yes. My sister had her sights set on that. She was raving on him and stuff, but I kept telling her he could be married for all we know.

Anyhow, he's getting married in January. *Alhamdulillah.*

Insya'Allah. :) Btw, I like to think that all guys are married. *my mind works in funny ways*

Hajj was from Nov. 2007 till Jan. 2008.


RedAnna said...


i really enjoy reading your blog so i just tagged you. pls check on:

Hajar Alwi said...

Glad to know & thanks. As for the tag, Insya'Allah. :)


Ms.Unique said...

lol nice matchmaking ..... God ! u can't risk ur dear ones to that far without knowing anything abt them .....

Hajar Alwi said...

Ms. Unique :: ~sigh. I am partially to blame for that. It is hilarious.