Tuesday, December 30, 2008

.: Who you're gonna call? :.

1st Muharram.

In most places here, it's a public holiday. Doesn't apply to me and my sis though. I took the day off while sis went to work. In night time, her office building can pass off as the Ghostbusters firehouse hq.
"We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!"
Dr. Peter Venkman
Who can forget the slime ball, Slimer? :)

1st Scene
- In front of my sister's office building.

Sis :: There's a couple of foreigners. Go and help them.
Me :: One of the joys of being a foreigner is getting lost. *I was lazy*

2nd Scene
- On the phone with my friend who's trying to get me to swing by her apartment only to have her hopes mercilessly ruined by me. *I was still lazy*

Malaysian hubby to Malaysian wifey :: I think she's Arab. *he was pointing at me, how rude*
All I said to my friend was "Ya lah". In Malaysian terms, Ya means Yes. Lah is the suffix that accentuates the meaning. Guess they interpreted it as "Yallah".

3rd Scene - At KL Sentral and there was a an Indian couple. *instincts say they're from India* It was like a scene from The Amazing Race. Indian hubby scrutinized the Malaysian public transport map, with Indian wifey frantically looking for signboards. Felt a pang of guilt from the 1st Scene. Wifey went MIA so I approached the hubby.
Me :: Hi, you need any help?
Indian hubby :: Yeah. Do you work for the train?
Me :: *eh?* Nope.
Indian hubby :: Great! How do I get to Subang Jaya?
Me :: Take the KTM. Tell the ticket guy you need 2 tickets to Subang and go down to the platform. Both ways lead to the same platform.
Indian hubby :: Thank you! *Indian wifey suddenly appears.*
*there was no catfight. I made myself scarce immediately after that.*

4th Scene - Home. Sis had a bad day so I thought, why not share my day with her to loosen her up?
Me :: So that's it.
Sis :: You Paki lover you!
Me :: What has that got to do with what I just told you?
Sis :: Isn't it obvious? You look like a Paki!
Me :: That is so not true. I wasn't wearing the shayla.
Sis :: If only I know how to communicate with my brother, I'd ask him to find one for you.
Me :: *to self, Alhamdulillah. that explains why Allah S.W.T only allow me to comprehend his 'cute' English.* He had. He brought his brother to see me, didn't he? And his mum did ask about me.
Sis :: Isn't he a bit too young? Have to get him to find you someone else.
Me :: Look, if you're so bent into this whole thing, I might just end up with one and you'll have a Paki brother-in-law.
Sis :: I hope I do. Especially if he's as nice as my brother. Go find one.
Me :: Right. It's not rocket science, is it? * a sentence her Paki boss loves to use. these days, I use it to churn a chuckle from her*
Sis :: See! You are a Paki lover!
Glad that she wasn't as uptight about her work anymore.

The things I'd do.
9.28am Malaysian Time