Monday, December 22, 2008

.: Sing sweet nightingale :.

Random scribbles from my notebook.

Forgetful; I can be so scatty. In Mecca, my sis and I did some last minute shopping. *before friends think that I've finally seen the light, let me straighten it out by saying that i shopped on food, only.* My sis bought a pair of boots cos she gave her sneakers away. Persuaded me to buy a pair of my own. I settled for slip-ons. *I'm ashamed* As we went down the escalator, we heard someone calling "Ya Hajah, Hajah!" Turns out the shopkeeper was calling out to us. So the situation was he's at the top while we're at the bottom of the escalator. He placed a bottle of mineral water on the steps and let it go down. Only then did I realize, hey ... that's my bottle! I could sense the sheepish smiles from the shoppers. My sis said "You just had to make a final scene before we leave, don't you?". Little did we know that the best was yet to come. :)

The devil wears Prada; I detest heels. Despise it to the max. My heels aren't that high. In fact, it's about 2 inches. *mind you, they're not even stilettos* Despite that, I can never walk properly in it. Honestly, I feel like a flamingo on stilts. How do people maintain their poise, grace? Also, if I hate it so much, why do I have it? Simple. I did the mistake of purchasing the heels. A moment of folly that ended up with me being intolerably antagonized by it. The instant I reach home, I sure look forward to kick the bloody heels aside.

*Heels finally giving way! *I should really throw a party ...* So I got a new pair. Sandals. And NO HEELS!*

Running; I tend to run at times, for no particular reason. Often I get lectured, cos when I do, I'll either fall or bump into something or someone.*it happens* The whole Cinderella casually dropping her glass slipper scene? Done that countless times.*blame the heels, blame the heels!* Incidentally, it happened in Saudi too.

In most cases, the turn of events are like so :: I run, take a wrong step and my shoe flip.*yeap, it flips ...
if you happen to catch such a spectacle in KL, chances are that person is me* Fairly used to it now. These day, to avoid losing my shoe or having that embarrassing disaster, I buy sandals with straps.

" ... and they lived happily every after".
3.18pm Malaysian Time


Aisyah Mazelan said...

How people walk in heels?


A suggestion: If you wanna wear heels, I think Bata heels are the best. That's what I think lah. 'Cause it's so comfy...

Ms.Unique said...

Hahahah .... lol .... nice way of writing it Hajar .... ;)

Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

Good luck with the new sandals, Sis.

Anonymous said...

Wheni reached the start of the 'flip' para, i actually expected you would say that your slipper flipped so high or far that it landed on/near someone! ha!
Glad that didn't happen.

Although i can wear heels comfortably, but they are just reserved for evening dressy events. I cannot for the life of me fathom how some women wear 6" while shopping in malls for hours.
My feet kill me if i have to walk in malls for three hours, even in those 2" ones. I was once forced to take my sandals off & continued the rest of the shopping without them as my feet hurt so much. Good thing, i wore dark socks. No one noticed.

Hijabee said...

I can't walk on heels either, it is so not comfortable!

Hajar Alwi said...

Miss Ash :: Practice is the answer, though I prefer to practice on something else. :)

Bata shoes are comfy but I doubt I'll be wearing any heels for now. Me feet are screaming for mercy.

Ms. Unique :: Writing it as it is. LoL.

Hajar :: Thanks sis! Sandals being good to me. :)

Serendipitouslife :: Well, it did. I've got people fetching my shoe before. If only I have glass slippers, then I can do the whole scene and get princey to put it on me. :P

Aih~ that's what I'm thinking. Don't they feel any pain?

Hijabee :: I second to that! ^


muslimahh said...

Before my daughter started walking I was a heels NO WAY! I can just picture myself falling all over the place trying to run after her!!

Hajar Alwi said...

Haven't gotten one of my own and I'm already falling everywhere. LoL.^